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About Masayo

About Masayo

certified 5Rhythms® teacher, brings movement alive as a professional photographer and dancer. Teaching in Los Angeles, Masayo also often travels to her homeland, Japan, to share her love of the 5Rhythms® practice.

Los Angeles City Collage (LA Downtown)

2022, 2023, at LACC, Masayo share the 5rhythms as a movement for actors. How connect the energies and consciousness to the body instead of just just a choreograph. also as self care for the actors.

Cancer Support Center South Bay (LA Torrance)

Since 2020, in person before the Covid, after that 2021, bi-weekly, Masayo has 5Rhythms chill class for the Cancer survivors online. participants say "such a healing!!"


OSAKA: Occupations Support facility for the disabilities "FORZA"

Since 2019, 2 times in a month with 5Rhythms space holder SAKURA who is working the facility. at this facility, 5Rhythms is very important activity, because a lot of participants at the facility says "I could dance with the others" or "I became more open in the people whom I don't know" or "I feel energized!" "I remember my childhood during I was dancing. I dance with the child!" it's always fascinating.


Nara, Tenri city. Masayo goes there since 2016-2019.

The majority of this facility is hard to communicate to the others even they have problem acticity itself. but they like 5Rhythms! Sometimes, the people made some handmade gift to Masayo. 

Keiro Nursing home

Masayo has been giving classes at Keiro Nursing Home at Lincorn Hights Los Angeles volenteery more than3years. she has elder class ( 85 yrs old or older) and Alzhimer class.





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